Recent Study Shows Substance Use on the Rise as Pandemic Restrictions Continue

A recent Canada-wide study conducted by the Canadian Mental Health Association in partnership with researchers from the University of British Columbia has found that two in ten people have indicated that they have increased their use of substances to cope.

In Ontario specifically, 22% of people are consuming more alcohol, and many have also increased their use of other substances such as cannabis and prescription medication.

Read the full report here: https://ottawa.cmha.ca/despair-and-suicidal-feelings-deepen-as-pandemic-wears-on/

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    During COVID-19, Rideauwood has partnered with other agencies through CounsellingConnect to help youth, young adults and adults who are dealing with substance use issues, or other problematic behaviour such as gambling and gaming or supporting a friend/family member who is. If you are interested in a single session to explore these issues, help is just a click away.