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Access Rideauwood Services

Rideauwood receives referrals for service through the following regional access and referral services:

  • AccessMHA (accessmha.ca): for anyone 16 years of age and older looking for mental health and/or substance use health/addiction services
  • 1Call1Click (1call1click.ca): for youth from birth to 21 years of age looking for mental health and/or substance use health/addiction services

Note: Rideauwood serves youth ages 12 and up. Youth between 16 years of age to 21 years of age can be referred from either AccessMHA or 1Call1Click.

Get your intake done at one of these regional access and referral services to receive referral(s) to the most appropriate services for you in the region, including Rideauwood.

Need an In-Person or Accessible Intake at Rideauwood?

For individuals who need an in-person intake at Rideauwood, or are otherwise unable to use the regional access and referral services, please complete:

Note: Drug Treatment Court referrals must be provided by defense attorneys directly to the Crown Attorney’s office.

For information on our School-Based Program, please click here.

For Families, Parents or Loved Ones

Education sessions: Not sure where to start? For education for family members, friends and loved ones who are concerned about someone experiencing problematic substance use, gambling or gaming, sign up here for the Family Spiral information session.

Counselling: Do you want the knowledge and skills to best support yourself and your loved one? For counselling for family members, friends and loved ones who are concerned about experiencing problematic substance use, gambling or gaming, complete our General Referral form (self-referral).

Waiting for Services?

Rideauwood provides brief individual counselling services through Counselling Connect. 

Book now through Counselling Connect to see a Rideauwood counsellor while you are waiting for our services!

For General Inquiries

Contact us by phone.


Our phone is answered between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday. 

Contact us by email.

Visit us in person. We'd be happy to meet you.

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
Saturday and Sunday, Closed

If you are experiencing a crisis call the Mental Health Crisis Line to access support that is available 24/7, in both English and French:

Within Ottawa: 613-722-6914
Outside Ottawa: 1-866-996-0991
Quebec: 819-595-9999 or 1-866-277-3553

Mental Health Crisis Line website: crisisline.ca

Or, visit our FAQ page for answers you may be looking for.

If you are experiencing an emergency:

Please dial 911 immediately or visit your local hospital emergency room.

Rideauwood welcomes your suggestions, compliments or concerns.

Notice to Clients:

We are currently experiencing issues with our appointment scheduling system. This may mean that you will not be contacted by your counsellor for your scheduled virtual/telephone appointment. 

If you have an appointment today, please call our reception at 613-724-4881 to be connected to your counsellor. 

We are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible and apologize for the inconvenience.

Rideauwood partners with

During COVID-19, Rideauwood has partnered with other agencies through CounsellingConnect to help youth, young adults and adults who are dealing with substance use issues, or other problematic behaviour such as gambling and gaming or supporting a friend/family member who is. If you are interested in a single session to explore these issues, help is just a click away.