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Events and Fundraising

You can have a direct and positive impact on your community while having fun!  Join Rideauwood in an already-established event or use your creativity to organize your own event to help individuals and families who are reclaiming their lives.

Why get involved in fundraising?

Your participation goes towards meeting the urgent needs of people who are struggling with problematic substance use, behavioural addictions such as gambling, and related mental health issues.  More than 3,000 individuals and families meet with Rideauwood counsellors every year.  When you fundraise, you’re helping to provide clients with life-saving treatment, education, and prevention programs.

How would you like to participate?

To create your own fundraising event or to ask questions, please fill out the form below. 

To participate in an already-established fundraiser, click on one of these links:

Fill out the form below to connect with Rideauwood about events and fundraising.   

Rideauwood partners with

During COVID-19, Rideauwood has partnered with other agencies through CounsellingConnect to help youth, young adults and adults who are dealing with substance use issues, or other problematic behaviour such as gambling and gaming or supporting a friend/family member who is. If you are interested in a single session to explore these issues, help is just a click away.