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Medical face mask with alcohol sanitizer gel hand wash on wood table for covid-19 Coronavirus prevention concept.

Rideauwood and COVID-19

Throughout the pandemic Rideauwood has followed all Ottawa Public Health guidelines related to COVID-19 to keep clients and the Rideauwood team safe. Due to the …

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Young handsome man over isolated background smiling with hands on chest with closed eyes and grateful gesture on face. Health concept.


Self-compassion is learning how to be our own best friend instead of our own worst enemy, especially in times we need support most. It is reminding ourselves that we too have strengths and we too struggle, just like everyone else.

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Rideauwood Achieves a Major Milestone – Accreditation with Commendation

Rideauwood Addiction and Family Services is excited to announce that it has been awarded Accreditation with Commendation by Accreditation Canada, an independent, not-for-profit organization that sets quality and safety in health care, accrediting health organizations in Canada and around the world.

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Cosy and soft winter background, knitted sweater and lights

Staying Healthy for the Holidays – Part Two

Holiday pressure can make taking good care of ourselves difficult, but it’s not impossible. Below are tips to support all of us in prioritizing our self-care, and reducing the opportunities for problematic, short-term coping strategies.

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Winter festive still life scene. Burning candle decorated by wooden stars, hazelnuts and pine cones standing near window on wooden cut board. Glittering Christmas lights, fir branch on wool plaid.

Staying Healthy for the Holidays – Part One

Most of us will experience some increase in stress over the holidays even if it is an exciting and positive time. This is why it can be very helpful to know about, and understand how to use, harm reduction.

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Professional microphone in radio station studio and on air sign

Rideauwood Talks Gambling on CBC Radio’s White Coat Black Art

Former Rideauwood client Noah and Problem Gambling Counsellor Amanda Laprade explore problem gambling with Dr. Brian Goldman. Click here to listen to the 26.5-minute broadcast …

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Rideauwood partners with

During COVID-19, Rideauwood has partnered with other agencies through CounsellingConnect to help youth, young adults and adults who are dealing with substance use issues, or other problematic behaviour such as gambling and gaming or supporting a friend/family member who is. If you are interested in a single session to explore these issues, help is just a click away.