Rideauwood Records Major Achievement with Official Accreditation Status!

These are special times at Rideauwood Addiction and Family Services!

Rideauwood, the highly respected Ottawa based provider of addiction services made the strategic decision to refine their entire operation by achieving official accreditation status through Accreditation Canada, an independent, non-profit organization that sets standards for quality and safety in health care.

Today, Rideauwood announced that the organization is the first non-residential, independent, substance use and addiction treatment and support service provider in Ottawa to be granted Accreditation Primer status by Accreditation Canada.

The accreditation process fully defines quality and safety in health care. It is a major effort the result of which is to bring the Rideauwood operation to the highest level of quality and safety in healthcare service delivery.

“This is an important accomplishment for Rideauwood, said Johanne Levesque, Executive Director of Rideauwood. “Achieving this accreditation sets us apart and demonstrates to clients, and stakeholders that the organization has a solid safety and quality foundation and that we embed a continuous process of quality in everything we do. We are excited to be joining other health care leaders who are raising the bar for safe quality care.”

Last year, Rideauwood conducted over 10,000 one-on-one counselling sessions. Close to 3,000 individuals were counselled and almost 20,000 people took part in school-based prevention and education sessions. The final report from Accreditation Canada lauded Rideauwood for their client focused approach and noted the high satisfaction rate with clients.

The accreditation process requires the applicant organization to participate in a two-stage intensive process designed to thoroughly examine every aspect of an organization. The process is rigorous. It includes a comprehensive written submission based on specific standards that identifies areas for improvement. A thorough on-site analysis by a team of Accreditation Canada interviewers is the second stage of the quality assessment process.

The team evaluated Rideauwood’s clinical and administrative processes, from the leadership level to the care level. Over two days, the interview team talked with clients, families, staff and Rideauwood leadership. It was also an opportunity for staff and management of Rideauwood to share their innovative practices with the interviewers.

Primer status is the first stage in a quality improvement process that leads to Accreditation Canada’s full accreditation program, Qmentum, a globally developed, locally tailored program based on extensive experience in health care at all levels. Rideauwood anticipates full accreditation or Qmentum status within a two-year time frame.

Rideauwood Addiction and Family Services has been a community leader and a specialist in addressing substance use, behavioural addictions and mental health issues with clients in Ottawa and the surrounding region for over 40 years.

About Rideauwood Addiction and Family Services

Rideauwood provides person-centred treatment, support, prevention and education to youth and young adults (12-25), adults, parents and families who are affected by problematic substance use, behavioural addiction (gambling and gaming) and related mental health challenges. Whether it’s a harm reduction, moderation or an abstinence-oriented focus, counsellors work with clients to establish recovery goals that work for them, based on their choice. The organization also leverages services available in the community by working alongside service partners to improve access and transitions in care for individuals living with addiction and for their families.

For more information:

Johanne Levesque, Executive Director

Rideauwood Addiction and Family Services


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