Adult Program Testimonials

“Since I started coming to Rideauwood they’ve been by my side the entire time. I was never given up on through the bad and the good. Rideauwood helped me completely turn my life around.”

“If you’re serious about recovery, go to Rideauwood!”

“I’m thankful this service exists. I feel it’s a benefit and a privilege that it exists. The dedication, patience and good nature of the staff was always impressive.”

“Thanks to Rideauwood’s counselor and other clients, I now live a sober and useful life. I am alive and well.”

“I was sixty years old at the time and had a lot of garbage inside. Thanks once again. I’ve been recommending Rideauwood to others.”


Gambling Addiction & Family Program Testimonials

“It gave me a new lease on life. Prior to Rideauwood my depression was almost unbearable. It’s frighteningly sad to think of these people unable to benefit from Rideauwood because of lack of (funding).” ( quote from time before funding from Province ).

“I don’t know how I would have coped or survived without Rideauwood’s Programs. I would highly recommend this help for anyone faced with addiction problems.”

“Best thing I ever did. Excellent Program.”


Youth Program Testimonials

“Rideauwood has been a beacon of light for my wife and I during a very difficult time. It is very reassuring to have people supporting us during a time when our values and convictions are being tried and tested from all quarters. We have grown from our experience at Rideauwood and will be forever grateful for the caring, experienced staff and counselors who were always available to talk and listen by phone or in person…”

“My son was in the Youth Program at Rideauwood. He completed the program and to date his life has changed dramatically.”

“I regret that this letter took so long in coming. Our life has been a roller coaster of ups and downs the past year. My son, Ray*, began a downward spiral about a year ago. To see my beautiful, intelligent son destroy himself so completely was heartbreaking to say the least. Ray’s illness affected my whole family. My daughter, Keesha*, was beside herself with guilt, anger and despair. Then the legal implications began. Ray started to beg, borrow and steal to support his habit. It went as far as me borrowing $2,000 to keep him from being killed from drug dealers or from getting himself further into trouble with the law. His grades sunk to an all-time low (went from 80% average to failing). The boy that hoped for a football scholarship quit both school and football.
Then we met Joanne from Rideauwood. She literally saved my son’s life!!! She saw the promise in Ray and the dedication I had for my son. She worked tirelessly to help Ray. Often sending him in a taxi to the detox centre when he showed up at school near death from drug use or withdrawal side effects. Joanne spent numerous hours on the phone with me just to help me cope. Not to mention the time she must have spent (and strings she must have pulled) to get Ray into the Dave Smith Centre in only two weeks.
I don’t know how my son or my family would ever have survived were it not for Joanne’s commitment to troubled youth. I have seen firsthand what addiction can do to these otherwise great kids. I have also seen the lack of spaces to help these children. I thank God every day for sending us an angel like Joanne to save us.
I look forward to working with her upon Ray’s release and I am sure Rideauwood’s Parent Program is going to benefit me and my family immensely.
God Bless!”


Parent Program Testimonials

“It was tougher than I thought. How do I say in just a few words everything that you and Rideauwood have done for us. The Parent Program at Rideauwood has been an invaluable resource. Addiction affects the whole family and we needed help as much as our son did. Meeting with other parents helped us realize we were not alone. Our new understanding of addiction as a disease relieved us of our guilt and shame. We stopped viewing our son as a bad person but as someone who needed help. It gave us the skills, knowledge and strength to continue to function as a family with love and dignity for all members and to do what was best for our son.”

“Rideauwood and our group were critical to the survival of our family unity. Our son continues to progress because of the skill we have acquired through Rideauwood’s Parent Program”.


Family of Origin Testimonials

“I think this is the most beautiful gift anyone can give themselves. I have and do recommend it to everyone. Thank you Rideauwood.”

“…This program was the hardest but best thing I have ever done for myself. It has changed my life and broken the cycle. The counsellors were supporting and caring throughout my journey.”

“This program is an excellent tool in gaining a better understanding of who you are. I recommend this program to the world.”

“I have a list of individuals who would be warm and wonderful human beings if ONLY they took this course.”

“A rewarding program for those who experienced child abuse and a dysfunctional family.”