Adult and Family Programs

Rideauwood provides a range of treatment programs tailored to the needs of adult clients and their families. We work in partnership with both clients and their families (where appropriate) to achieve the best possible results.

Adult Addictions Program
Our outpatient treatment program is for men and women addicted to alcohol and/or drugs. Treatment involves both group and individual sessions.

Family Member Program
Offering support, counselling and education to adults whose lives have been affected by chemical dependence in the family.

The Family Spiral
This program is for spouses, partners, friends, parents, and adult children of family members or friends with substance use issues or disorders or anyone else who wants to learn more about chemical dependency and its effects.

Problem Gambling Program
This program helps clients understand their gambling problem and its effects so they can make a plan of action for recovery. A Family Program is available for affected family members.

Problem Gambling – Family Member Program
For those affected by someone’s problem gambling behavior, we offer fast response to crisis, and ongoing support to create change within the family, in a safe, confidential environment.

Ontario Works Addiction Services Program
Rideauwood is one of three community addiction agencies selected to provide prompt service to Ontario Works clients whose employment potential may be impeded by a substance abuse problem.

Ottawa Drug Treatment Court
This court-monitored program is specially designed to deal with non-violent, repeat offenders who are addicted to drugs.
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Concurrent Disorder Program
Rideauwood partners with the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) to provide addiction focused treatment services for CMHA clients who are homeless and have both substance abuse and mental health issues.

Youth and Parent Programs

At Rideauwood we understand the needs of youth who struggle with substance use. In addition to tailored one-on-one treatment options, we offer programs for parents of both clients and non-clients, along with a school based program operating in more than 80 schools throughout our region.

School-Based Program
Our School-Based Program is offered in all English language high schools and 42 senior elementary schools in Ottawa-Carleton. This program serves students who have problems with alcohol/drugs and related mental health issues, as well as those who may be affected by a family member’s substance abuse problem. This program also offers a broad range of services to parents, teachers, guidance counsellors, vice-principals, and principals.

Parent Program
This program offers support, counselling and education to parents who are concerned about their children who are abusing alcohol or drugs.

The Family Spiral
This program is for spouses, partners, friends, parents, and adult children of adults with addiction problems or anyone else who wants to learn more about chemical dependency and its effects.

Youth & Young Adult Substance Abuse Program (Ages 18 — 24)
The Youth and Young Adult Substance Abuse Program offers youth, aged 18-24, a therapeutic and supportive environment, encouraging young people to explore issues related to their use of alcohol and other drugs. This program has three components, a Motivational Counselling Program, Change Oriented Counselling and a Continuing Care Program.

Youth Justice Program This program offers youth who are in conflict with the law, and who use alcohol or drugs to a problem level. Referrals come from Probation as well as in the Court process. The program helps to reduce substance use as a factor in crime and health, school, family and the community.

Pregnant & Parenting Young Women
This program is for young women, aged 24 or younger, who are pregnant or parent children under 6 years of age and who are experiencing difficulty related to alcohol and/or drugs. Rideauwood offers services to St. Mary’s Home and Outreach Centre to help pregnant young women and mothers.