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Youth Justice Program

The Youth Justice Program is for youth and young adults up to age 25 involved in the judicial system who are struggling with substance use and/or behavioural addiction, and related mental health issues. 

Services are available at multiple locations in Ottawa, and provide participants with individual counselling, education and groups.

Education Programs and Group Counselling:

In our education programs and groups, we talk about the “how’s and why’s” of substance use health, behavioural addictions, and related mental health issues. We also discuss healthy ways to cope.

These sessions are tailored to the needs of each participant and/or group.

Individual Counselling:

In individual counselling sessions, participants set their own goals with the support of their counsellor. They may choose to reduce the harms related to their substance use and/or other problematic behaviours. Setting harm reduction goals helps participants to minimize harms and enhance their skills and knowledge to improve their health. 


Youth and young adults may self refer to the program by contacting Rideauwood by phone to book an Intake Assessment at 613-724-4881 or by sending a request via our contact us page

Youth and young adults my self refer to the program Youth diversion workers, case managers, parole officers, lawyers and other providers may refer youth and young adults to the program. Complete the program referral form with the youth/young adult, then fax it to Rideauwood along with a consent form. Someone will contact you to book an intake assessment. 

Additional Information:

The Rideauwood Youth Justice Program works in partnership with the Youth Services Bureau (YSB) Youth Mental Health and Treatment Court Program.

With the consent of the youth, the youth’s counsellor can provide feedback to the youth diversion worker, and/or other providers who need to know:

  • Number of sessions completed
  • Topics covered (e.g., healthy coping skills, identifying high risk situations, etc.)
  • Short and/or long-term treatment goals
  • Level of engagement in program
  • Resource and referral

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Rideauwood partners with

During COVID-19, Rideauwood has partnered with other agencies through CounsellingConnect to help youth, young adults and adults who are dealing with substance use issues, or other problematic behaviour such as gambling and gaming or supporting a friend/family member who is. If you are interested in a single session to explore these issues, help is just a click away.