Who is this Program For?

Youth (12-17) and Young Adults (18-24), who have Substance Use and Co-occurring issues or family problems, who are in conflict with the law. Referrals are made by Courts, Probation, Diversion, Police, Lawyers or others. Rideauwood has dedicated funding, under Provincial Youth Justice Initiatives, to provide specialized substance use/addiction treatment to youth referred by their Probation Officer. This service tailors our proven approaches with specific strategies to reach youth in conflict with the law as a result of alcohol/drug use.

How will this Program Help?

The Youth Justice Program provides treatment to youth and young adults through education, individual and group counselling. Young people may experience the following:

  • Learn to openly share their thoughts and feelings with others who share similar experiences in relation to substance use and other co-occurring issues.
  • Understand the nature of substance use and dependency and provide support to youth so they may overcome fear and avoidance of emotional challenges.
  • Understand the physical and emotional effects of mood altering substances.
  • Identify personal strengths and learn new skills in coping with day to day stressors and problem.
  • Develop an ongoing support network in the community.

How Does the Program Work?

  • Outreach and court referrals including engagement, screening, assessment and counselling for youth, who are identified by the court or probation as needing addiction treatment
  • Bio-psychosocial Addiction and Mental Health Screening and Assessment of youth and young adult clients.
  • Motivational Individual Counselling (ages 12-24) for Youth involved with Criminal Justice.
  • Youth Justice Motivational Group Counselling for youth and young adults involved with the justice system.

Getting Started

All clients are referred directly through the Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Justice Services, Probation Services, Youth Mental Health Court, Somali Youth Project and Rideauwood School Based Counsellors, Engagement is initiated through referrals. Your lawyers should inquire at Court or call Intake at 613-724-4881.

Cost: This program is funded by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Children and Youth Services and is free for residents of Ontario. Out of province residents should call to discuss.

Our Funders/Partners for the Youth Justice Program are: